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Frequently asked questions

After reading FAQs below, please feel free to give us a call with any additional questions. We would love to chat! 1-251-633-3288

  • DO YOU ACCEPT CHILD CARE SOUTH? Unfortunately, at this time, we do not accept Child Care South.

  • WHAT IS YOUR ENROLLMENT PROCESS? From our website, click the "Request Info" tab and fill out the contact form. We will then email you (please allow 24 hours) additional information, as well as inform you of our earliest date available for a tour or open house. Once a final decision has been made to attend our school we will send you a link via Brightwheel to complete enrollment forms. Brightwheel is an app that we use as our student management platform. We will then set up a day for your child to spend a few hours with us, in their prospective classroom, prior to their start date. Lastly, you will secure your child's spot in our program by paying tuition and all applicable fees, via Brightwheel. 

  • ARE YOU CURRENTLY ON WAIT-LIST?  Some of our classes currently have a wait-list, while others do not. However, all of our classes are very close to being full. Please feel free to contact us regarding availability.

  • WHAT ARE YOUR SCHOOL'S HOURS?  Preschool begins at 8:30 and ends at 12:30. After School Care begins at 12:30 and ends at 4:30.

  • HOW MUCH ARE YOUR REGISTRATION FEES AND TUITION? We offer parents several options, including number of days attended, as well as half (8:30-12:30) or full (8:30-4:30) days. On our website please click whichever session you are interested in (Preschool or Summer Camp) and scroll down. At the bottom of the page you will find all prices for fees and tuition.

  • WHEN IS TUITION DUE AND HOW IS IT PAID? Tuition is due the first of each month. Preschool is paid through Brightwheel or cash. After School Care is paid by ACH debit.

  • DOES MY CHILD HAVE TO BE POTTY TRAINED?  We begin potty training all students when they enter K2. We require our students to be potty trained for K3 and K4.

  • ARE THERE SEPARATE ENROLLMENT FEES FOR PRESCHOOL AND SUMMER CAMP? Yes, there are separate fees for both sessions. This allows parents the option of doing one session or both.

  • ARE YOU A LICENSED FACILITY? Under Alabama state laws we are a licensed exempt child care facility. However, once you complete a tour with us, you will see that almost everything we do is well beyond the state's requirements.

  • WHAT ARE YOUR REQUIREMENTS OF YOUR PRESCHOOL TEACHERS?  All staff members love children and are passionate about what they do. We require a trial period to ensure all teachers will fully embrace our program, as well as have the kind, loving, nurturing spirit of a Mom. After a trial period, they will undergo extensive hands-on training before they are given a classroom assignment. Furthermore, we require an in-depth background check as well as an annual certification of Pediatric CPR. 

  • DO YOU ACCEPT CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL NEEDS?  Yes, we do in some instances. At the Watermelon Patch Preschool, our top priorities are to ensure the safety, happiness and well-being of each student. We recognize that our school will not meet the needs of every child. Therefore, each child is evaluated to be sure that our program and staff have the best training and resources available for all children to thrive. 

  • DO YOU PROVIDE MEALS?  We believe that each family has a particular interest in preparing meals that are familiar and nutritious for their child. Considering the diversity of our students, we do not provide meals or snacks.​

  • DO YOU TAKE FIELD TRIPS?  For the safety of our students we do not take trips off of school property. However, we frequently have visiting guests throughout the school year; such as community helpers, leaders and artists.

  • HOW SECURE IS YOUR BUILDING? We take the safety of our children very serious. All doors are kept locked at all times with the exception of a ten minute window during drop off and pick up. In addition, our facility has 37 cameras with vision and audio. *Parents may request to see footage at any time. However, if other students are in the footage we are required by law to have the other parents sign off before anyone else may view it.

  • WHY DO YOU NOT ALLOW TOURS DURING THE DAY? Again, our children's safety is one of our top priorities. Therefore, we do not allow strangers in the building during school hours. Tours are scheduled after hours.

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