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Watch Your Child Grow At
The Watermelon Patch Preschool

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More than just a "daycare," We love watching our children grow and learn while they are under our care. It is our mission  to help our children  become enthusiastic learners. To accomplish this, we promote creative exploration, independence, and encourage our children to develop and think of ideas on their own. While we do follow an academic curriculum, we make sure to approach every lesson in a fun and nurturing way! 


We know that every child is unique, and what works for one child doesn't necessarily work for all. However, we also believe it is important to follow a schedule and provide our children with both education and play within a safe and loving environment. Our Mobile Alabama preschool has programs for children from 12 months up to 6 years old.

Depending on your needs, we offer 2, 3, or 5-day options*.

The hours for our preschool are from 8:30 am-12:30 pm with additional after-hours care provided by After the Patch.  

*Tuition rates/fees are listed at the bottom of the page*

Our Mobile Alabama Preschool programs

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Each of our classrooms provide a structure to allow our children to advance at their own developmental pace. Although the age ranges of our classrooms are standard, each of our programs is designed with the flexibility to place children in a classroom where we will best meet their individual needs and developmental stage.

K1 classroom

12-24 months

Our K1 program includes full-time care combined with developmentally appropriate lessons and hands-on activities.

Our K1 classroom is split into three different classes:

K1A (12-16 months)

K1B (16-22 months)

K1C (22+)

Some activities included in the K1 curriculum include: 

  • Language skill development through songs, books, and verbal language is spoken by our teachers.

  • Floortime activities with toys encourage exploration and build physical and cognitive growth. 

  • Social skills and art activities encourage emotional and creative growth.

  • Indoor and outdoor physical activity develops strength and coordination.

  • Music and dancing creates joy and helps build strength and endurance.

  • Sensory and creative activities allow children to experience and explore new materials such as finger painting with pudding, connecting music with instruments, and feeling tactile pillows and books.

K2 classroom

2 years

Our K2 program offers a structured environment with plenty of opportunities for play and learning!

Our K2 classroom is split into two different classes:

EK2 (Younger twos)

K2   (Older twos)

Some activities included in the K2 curriculum include: 

  • Language skills through verbal language, songs, books.

  • Learning the alphabet and recognizing shapes through hearing stories, playing games, or reviewing flashcards.

  • Math and cognitive skill practice through counting, number recognition, patterning, grouping, and flashcard reviews.

  • Sensory learning through explorations with the five senses, such as squishing and pounding Playdough, hearing music, smelling various fragrances, looking at picture books, and tasting various foods.

  • Music and dance movement activities build large muscle groups through marching, hopping, dancing, waving as well as playing musical instruments when possible.

  • Arts and crafts develop fine motor skills through tearing, squeezing, grasping, and rolling.

K3 classroom

3 years

Our K3 program continues to build off the basics of learning math, science, and literacy while also offering plenty of play, crafting, and social interaction. Some activities included in the K3 curriculum include:

  • Combining literacy concepts through the alphabet, stories, and vocabulary. 

  • Fostering an atmosphere of friendship and cooperation that teaches appropriate social interaction and community.

  • Early math skills are learned through abstract concepts, flashcards, and fun games.

  • Children learn about geography with a globe and begin to discuss and understand different people and cultures.

  • Science experiments, coupled with stories and projects, bring science to life and provides children with education through hands-on learning.

  • Outside play develops children's physical fitness as well as provides an outlet for energy and excitement.

K4 classroom

4 years +

Our K4 program incorporates lessons that help prepare our children for full-time kindergarten. Some activities included in the K4 curriculum include: 

  • Language and literacy through the alphabet, phonics concepts, stories, vocabulary, letter recognition, and writing skills.

  • Abstract math concepts are taught through number recognition, counting money, addition, subtraction, simple fractions, and many more. 

  • Science lessons encourage children to learn through hands-on explorations and experiments. 

  • Pre-reading and pre-writing skills are developed through the recognition of the alphabet. Tracing different shapes, strokes, letters, and numbers help children develop good habits.

  • Creating their own art crafts projects develops fine motor skills and also promotes decision-making skills using a variety of art media.

  • Plenty of outdoor time encourages physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Children participate in group games and daily physical challenges.


Registration:  $250

Building Fee:  $125

Supply Fee August-December: $200

Supply Fee January-May: $200



Rates: K1 & K2

2 Days - Half Day $420/Full Day $540

3 Days - Half Day$460/Full Day $620

5 Days - Half Day $520/Full Day $720

Rates: K3 & K4

2 Days - Half Day $390/Full Day $510

3 Days - Half Day $430/Full Day $590

5 Days - Half Day $490/Full Day $690

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